If David Attenborough narrated 'The Meg' from Warner Bros

Warner Bros

If David Attenborough narrated 'The Meg' from Warner Bros



The Brief

In July 2018, Warner Bros were looking to ramp up awareness for the impending release of The Meg, their high-octane action thriller where Jason Statham takes on a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon. The studio turned to us to create some tongue in cheek content for a male skewed audience of 15-34’s that would dial up the “popcorn movie element” of the film, while making sure Statham remained the hero throughout.

The Insight

We were all well aware that The Meg wasn’t going to be fighting it out at the Oscars! And Warner Bros were keen to give us the license to come up with some fun creative that fed into the spirit of the movie.

The Hook

We used our popular ‘Attenborough Narrates’ format from our ‘True Reviews’ show to parody scenes from the movie, imagining The Meg as another one of Sir David’s nature documentaries. Our regular contributor, impressionist, Charlie Hopkinson goes on to describe “One of the deadliest creatures that has ever existed”. He reels off superlatives one by one before we come to realise that it’s not actually the 75-foot long shark being described but rather Jason Statham himself. To support our lead video, we followed up with a number of trailer pushes across our channels to keep momentum up before release.

The Results

Our videos clocked up a combined reach of 5.1M with 1.6M views (a 14% uplift on target) and 36K engagements with 62% of views coming from shares. It was the UK’s No1 and Global No3 most viewed movie branded content from the start of the campaign across all social platforms. The Meg went straight in at No1 in the UK and US box offices, becoming the highest grossing shark movie ever and Jason Statham’s most successful film outside of the Fast & Furious franchise.